My Feature in The Wall Street Journal

By on July 17, 2015

Last week was a whirlwind. One of the things I had the opportunity to do was be interviewed by columnist Elizabeth Bernstein for The Wall Street Journal. I am so accustomed to completing interviews for publications that it was interesting being the subject of an article – and I got to bring my best friend along for the ride!

You can read the complete article here.

Writers are always being told to build their brand, increase their visibility and build their author platform if they want to land a literary agent, secure a book deal, become a best selling author and be afforded greater opportunities – BUT HOW?

In 7 days (and without a PR rep!), I managed to be featured in The Wall Street Journal, interview for’s podcast and be invited to appear on Good Morning America. Tomorrow at 7:30 PM ET on Periscope, I will tell you how.

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